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Marketron provides an Expanded Disaster Recovery Service (EDRS) to augment our Standard Disaster Recovery Service package. EDRS guarantees your critical business operating systems can be quickly recovered in the event of a major disaster affecting our traffic data center.

This new service protects your business by providing the following recovery advantages: 

Secure Data Replication 

Conducting continuous updates of your data to the cloud, rather than nightly back-ups, mitigates risk and limits data loss in the event of a disaster.

Cloud-based Platform Recovery

We’ll have you back up and fully functioning in 12-15 hours. Subscribers are first in line for restored service.

Matched System Performance

Keep doing business at the speed to which you are accustomed. All services will operate at full functionality.

Testing and Validation 

We will perform periodic full-scale testing and validation of the readiness and performance of the Expanded Disaster Recovery Service system.