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Meet our Executive Team:

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Haley brings over 20 years of sales, strategic marketing and operational experience to Marketron.
(208) 788-6820

As Chief Revenue Officer, Deborah Esayian oversees the sales and business development operations of all of Marketron’s product lines including Radio Traffic and Digital.
(239) 898-9022

As Senior Vice President of Client Services, Jeff London oversees Marketron's best-in-class implementations and training, support services and information technology functions.
(208) 788-6809

As Senior Vice President of Digital, Martin Kristiseter is responsible for the product direction and sales of the Marketron Digital solution.
(303) 351-7945

As Chief Financial Officer, Matt Wellner brings over 10 years of financial and accounting experience.
(208) 788-6852