Unattended Weather by Marketron

Your station’s weather correct 24/7 without anyone in the building.

Weather and Warnings – Accurate and customized for your station with weather that is right to the minute

In-Studio Quality – Your weather comes in as 1,411 kbps WAVEs with the quality of your own microphones

No-Commitment Low Pricing – Your contract is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice


Good Voices Improve Your Sound

Our in-studio quality announcers present your weather on a market-exclusive basis. Your weather can include a time check (for satellite programming) and a brief sponsor credit. Voices can rotate in shifts if desired for a nominal additional cost.
Meet our Talent and listen to their weather samples:

Maria Lopez

A talented smooth jazz personality in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, and several other cities on the nationwide Smooth Jazz Network.

Sample Weather by Maria

Storm Kelly

For Up-tempo Stations

Sample Weather by Storm

Robin Marshall

Formerly on-air in New York City for 20 years, currently the production manager for Cumulus Sound Solutions, the company’s commercial creative resource center. She helps create commercial campaigns for Cumulus stations and clients nationwide. She also does imaging for stations nationwide. Her New York City stations include CBS’ WWFS, Fresh 102.7 FM.

Sample Weather by Robin

Dave Scott

Formerly one of the voices on demos and hundreds of voice-tracked stations for Century 21 Programming and TM Century.

Sample Weather by Dave

Dolly Martin
A veteran Houston air personality and program director of Radio Amistad.

Sample Weather by Dolly

We add voices all the time. We are happy to use your station’s voices, although there is a one-time startup fee required for editing and naming your files as required by our software. You may be able to recoup that cost if your announcers are willing to record material for our clients in other markets. The samples on this website are MP3 files, but our real weathercasts are high quality uncompressed WAVE files from great sounding announcers. Never any bad phone connections or synthesized robots with Unattended Weather.

"The weather is correct and does NOT sound automated. They offer so much… for so little!”
Kent Hopper | KTIP-AM 1450 | Porterville, CA  



How Our Announcers Keep Your Weather Up To Date

Most stations run Unattended Weather software in the same computer they use for production. It can run on any Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP computer in your station that has an always-on Internet connection. Stations that have internet access in their on-air studio can run it there as well. Others run it on an ordinary office PC connected to their on-air studio.

Your Unattended Weather voices have pre-recorded virtually every possible weather forecast, time and temperature. Each voice uses 5GB of hard drive space. Then, our software picks the right sentences based on forecasts from Internet weather sources. All recordings are CD-quality uncompressed stereo WAVE files from high quality studios. We never use low quality mp3 or telephone audio.

The finished weathercast overwrites an older version on the hard drive every time the temperature or forecast changes. Our technology means no wiring is needed and there is no equipment to buy. Your weather airs through the same digital system and sound card as your commercials, so your sound is consistent. With most automation systems, your jingle or music bed can be added if desired. Your digital system handles all playback, commercial insertions, sponsorship credits and logging the same way your station handles spots and everything else. There is no extra work needed for weather sponsors.

Another benefit of Unattended Weather is that each of your stations can follow its own policy, have different lengths, content guidelines and air weather with different voices on every station in your cluster. Several times each hour, and again seconds before every scheduled weathercast, our software updates your current conditions from National Weather Service and/or Weather Underground data websites. 



Make Extra Money From Weather Sponsors

Our voices make your weathercasts attention-getting vehicles to sell sponsorships at premium rates and long-term contracts.

Many stations generate new revenue by selling weather packages of current temperatures at advertiser locations. Each weathercast can pick a few locations from participating sponsors. For example, your weather might end with “Now it’s 74 at Northtown Food Market, 72 at Westway Ford and 73 here at WXXX.”

For these locations, an optional sensor with Internet connection can be installed at each location for current readings. Often, there is a Weather Underground observation station close enough that the merchant doesn’t have to buy a sensor.

“When I put it on two stations, I sold the avails immediately! It didn’t cost me money… it made me money.” 
Rex Tackett | KXYL & KQBZ | Brownwood, TX 



Worry-Free Connection

A firewall or proxy server is a good idea for all computers on the Internet. However, Unattended Weather only pulls content from secure National Weather Service or Weather Underground sites, so the firewall software built into your PC can prevent potential hacks. With hundreds of sites, we’ve never had a virus on any client weather computer.

Our service has several advantages over distant providers because the audio is generated on the same computer that’s recording all your production. Of course, the XML data feed can be read just as well with dial-up Internet or something faster, so our system works for clients who don’t have broadband available (such as some transistor sites).

Setup is 99% automatic. Our knowledgeable tech support people remotely do the other 1% of setup for you.