Marketron’s Brownbag series is dedicated to sharing advice on how to get the most out of your Marketron systems. Every other month this recurring program digs into a new topic and features our skilled trainers and occasional guest speakers from our vast user base of savvy professional broadcasters. The sole goal of this series is to provide you with the hard-earned advanced tips and tricks about traffic, AR, sales and reporting that will make your job easier by helping you take full advantage of your software.

Completely free for Marketron customers, each event is broadcast live and your questions are welcome. If you are unable to attend the live session, we will offer each session for download later in MyMarketron.

Grab a bite, sit back, and satisfy your craving for knowledge!

Recorded sessions are available on MyMarketron 

Past Brownbag Sessions:

Advanced Traffic Moves and Tips for Marketron Traffic

  • This session will walk Marketron Traffic users through different ways to edit their logs and deal with oversold situations, competitive code problems and more.

Copy Tips and Tricks for Marketron Traffic

  • This session will include a review of the functions in the Marketron Copy module and provide some advanced tips that may help your copy assignment become more accurate and efficient.

Advanced A/R Tips for Marketron Traffic 

  • Join us as we dive into Reinvoicing, Adjustments, and other A/R topics.

Tips and Tricks for Document Manager, Sales Order and Boardfile: Marketron Traffic

  • In this Brownbag session, we explore various ways to speed things up and make your life easier in various areas within the system.

A/R Basics for Beginners: Marketron Traffic

  • New to A/R? With this session, you will learn the basics of posting payments, applying unapplied transactions, pulling account summaries, clients histories, statements, and more!

Eliminating Discrepancies

  • A primary goal of any good Traffic Manager should be to ensure that spots air as ordered. We’ll show you how to greatly reduce or eliminate those causes that can be overcome by a healthy dose of systems knowledge and a good eye.