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Target users based on where they are in real time with endlessly customizable geofencing — built with the best location data.

Easily create campaigns using attributes such as geography, category, brand, and targeting radius. Marketron also provides polygon targeting around hundreds of thousands of locations such as airports, shopping malls, retail brands, and more.

Benefits of GeoFencing

  • Increase brand awareness with less spend. Geofencing enables businesses to get more brand awareness with less investment through targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business.
  • Serve more relevant advertisements with hyperlocal ads that are tailored to the consumer.
  • Increase foot traffic and revenue with real-time consumer location data. Marketron’s foot traffic attribution solution can quantify how many visits your geofencing campaign generated.

Supported Formats

  • All IAB standards, including 320x50, 728x90, 300x250,
    and many more.
  • Rich Media
  • Supports 3rd Party Ad Tags
  • Pre, Mid, and Post-roll video


Popular GeoFencing Tactics

Place Targeting

Reach users at specific locations, chains, or stores where you want to stay top of mind.

Funnel Messaging

Tailor your messaging depending on how far users are from your stores.


Find users while they’re visiting your competitors’ stores

Category Targeting

Reach users at specific categories of places, like all coffee shops, parks, or airports.