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Accelerate your sales with Marketron's Digital Marketing Services

As technology continues to increase its way into our lives, marketing tactics have transformed far beyond their beginnings. Digital marketing has massive advantages. With the right data and people, digital campaigns are targetable, trackable, personal, and affordable.

Do you know which digital marketing tactics would be best suited for your business goals? Marketron Digital has you covered. Our goal is to become a revenue generator for your business, not an expense.


Streamlined multi-media proposals and digital fulfillment processes to help traditional sales reps succeed with integrated campaigns. Available for Location-Based Advertising and all Digital Marketing Services.

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Targeted Display

Serve ads across desktop and mobile environments utilizing 3rd party data

Site Retargeting

Serve ads across desktop and mobile environments based on visitors to your website

Cross-Device Video

Place video ads across desktop, tablet, and smartphone environments. Pre, Mid, and Post Roll


Pay Per Click advertising across leading search engines. Only pay for performance vs. CPM

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Tactics and techniques to help you obtain better ranking on search engine results

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Place ads on Facebook and Instagram, both right rail and in-feed with ease

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