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The Marketron logo must not be altered or manipulated (drop shadows, filters, effects, etc.). Always present the logo fully and clearly visible on a white background. We recommend using the "M" from the wordmark as a guide for minimum space around the logo.

The logo cannot be used as part of a sentence. The correct way to include Marketron in a sentence is to display the word “Marketron” in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it.

Do not:

  • alter or partially cover the logo
  • alter the proportions, position, or letter spacing
  • stretch, condense, distort, or separate logo elements
  • add effects (drop shadow, glow, etc.)
  • Replace the Marketron wordmark with another typeface or font
  • Place an image within the Marketron wordmark
  • Rotate vertically, horizontally, of diagonally, or flip the logo
When mentioning Marketron, please link back to our website.

You may use the following code for a text link: 

<a href="" title="Marketron">Marketron</a>

or the following code for linking our logo image:

<a href="" title="Marketron">
<img src="URL" alt="Marketron–Trusted Leaders In Enterprise Software"></a>
*Replace 'URL' with your url to the logo image.