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Marketron Signs More than 100 Media Groups to its New Mediascape Program

Rapid Adoption of the Open Technology Platform and Services Reflect Demand for Increased Digital Capabilities and Improved Efficiencies among Radio and Media Companies

September 14, 2011 – Hailey, ID - Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, today announced that more than 100 media groups have signed on to the Mediascape program since its launch in April of this year. Mediascape is being adopted by groups of all sizes across the industry including Beasley Broadcast Group, Emmis Communications, Lotus Communications, Mapleton Communications, Maverick Media, Schurz Communications and Simmons Media Group.

Mediascape combines an essential infrastructure, next generation traffic solution and suite of services that is provided on an integrated and open technology platform now easily available to media organizations of all sizes. The Mediascape program sets a new standard for the media industry and ensures that all Marketron customers are equipped to leverage highly engaged local audiences and effectively compete for new and emerging advertising dollars. The unique capabilities provided by Mediascape improve the sector’s overall performance and attract accretive ad spend to the industry.

“For years advertisers have challenged radio to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency of buying across the multiple advertising channels and platforms we have to sell. This was an obstacle for our entire industry prior to Mediascape,” said Gary Rozynek, CEO of Maverick Media. “Marketron’s Mediascape Platform and Suite of Services will help Maverick Media operate more efficiently and profitably, while our advertisers can increase their effectiveness across the multiple advertising mediums such as digital and mobile that we currently sell.”

More than 80% of the U.S. radio advertising spend flows through Marketron’s systems. Mediascape is an investment in Marketron’s customers, the overall sector and the future of the media industry. By partnering with other leaders in the media industry, Mediascape is quickly becoming the critical sales and operating infrastructure for media organizations of tomorrow and the hub of a burgeoning media ecosystem.

To date Marketron has created strategic partnerships with over 25 media industry providers to integrate into the Mediascape Platform and expand the services being offered to media groups. Mediascape partners include media and marketing research firm Arbitron, Inc., leading payment processing and merchant acquiring provider Chase Paymentech, leading radio network Dial Global, digital media frontrunner Emmis Interactive and the largest media representative Katz Media Group.

The media industry is undergoing tremendous and rapid change. The opportunities that can be provided by technology are vast. No longer can a traffic system be the backbone to support a media company’s growth. To remain competitive and relevant, the industry demands an open platform that supports all media types including radio, TV, cable, digital, mobile, online and

whatever else the future brings in order to provide superior execution, data management and reporting across the enterprise.

“As the market leader, we understand that Marketron’s success depends on our customers’ success and we have made an unprecedented investment with the goal of making the media industry more competitive,” says Steven Minisini, CEO of Marketron. “By removing technology and economic obstacles, Mediascape customers can focus on their brands, market differentiation and execution strategies to capitalize on their share of new advertising spend. Today more than 100 media groups have signed up for the Mediascape Platform and Services and we know this is just the beginning.”

About Marketron
Marketron is the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry. The Marketron Mediascape Platform, Traffic and Suite of Services drive innovation to create new growth opportunities that produce the maximum value for our clients and facilitate their evolution into digital. Relied on by more than 7,000 media organizations, Marketron solutions are the most widely-used media solutions in the world, managing an estimated $15 billion dollars of annual advertising revenue. Marketron is an affiliate of The Wicks Group of Companies, LLC of New York, which specializes in communications, information and media businesses.