Marketron targets network spots

Inside Radio

Makegoods may never be eliminated entirely, but a new product hitting the market today aims to make them a whole lot less common in network radio. Traffic and billing system provider Marketron has teamed with Counterpoint Software to create a new product to seamlessly integrate network spots into station systems.

Network orders, copy instructions and revisions related to fulfilling contracts have traditionally been a complex process that not only takes a lot of time and staff hours, but also are susceptible to human error. Marketron CEO Steven Minisini says by integrating the Network Connect service into the Marketron Exchange platform, the goal is to make the process less cumbersome. Marketron estimates it takes more than 13 minutes for each network spot to be manually processed today. With stations processing hundreds or even thousands of network orders each year, it may also be a money-saver. During a field test of Network Connect, a large media group had near-perfect compliance rates, virtually eliminating the need for makegoods.

Dial Global and Premiere Radio Networks are already onboard. “This is an exciting development for the entire radio industry,” Dial Global president of operations Charles Steinhauer says. “Continued integration of systems across the medium allows for speed and accuracy of data and reporting, which benefits radio and our advertisers in an increasingly quantitative world.”