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Marketron and the Radio Advertising Bureau Launch Strategic Industry Partnership

Marketron Mediascape Integrates with RAB Account Manager to Bridge Business Operations and Account Management

Hailey, ID – June 19, 2012 - Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, today announced its partnership with the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). The companies have integrated RAB Account Manager with the Marketron Mediascape Platform. This integration enables RAB Account Manager customers to connect with any Marketron traffic and billing solution.

The RAB Account Manager integration with Marketron's Mediascape open ecosystem platform provides clients a secure and streamlined, electronic process to share data between the customer relationship management system and the traffic and billing system. The more than 750 radio stations currently using RAB Account Manager will now be able to connect their CRM and traffic suite activities through the Mediascape open ecosystem platform, reducing the amount of time spent inputting data and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of communicating order information between systems.

"The integration of RAB Account Manager with Marketron Mediascape bridges a gap that we recognized in the marketplace. The media industry is undergoing tremendous and rapid change, and the opportunities that can be provided by technology are vast," says Jeff Haley, President and CEO at Marketron. "Improving the overall efficiencies of how radio stations operate has been a driving mission behind the Mediascape platform, and this partnership with RAB marks another milestone for the initiative."

Account Manager provides RAB member stations with a powerful set of tools to help manage and track key account data and client interactions seamlessly while connected directly to their account. The platform allows sellers to track specific activities with advertising clients while providing tools for creating real-time projections based on business pitched and closed orders. As an online program, Account Manager can be accessed wherever there is an Internet connection, including on mobile devices. This unique feature helps managers track accounts and monitor sales activity remotely.

"Our integration with Marketron strengthens the entire industry by showing how companies can work together to benefit all," says Erica Farber, President and CEO, RAB. "We are proud of the work we have done with Account Manager and its connection with Marketron in being able to provide a seamless and complete solution."

More than 80% of the U.S. radio advertising spend flows through Marketron systems. Mediascape is an investment in Marketron's customers, the overall sector and the future of the media industry. By partnering with other leaders in the media industry, Mediascape is quickly becoming the critical sales and operating infrastructure for media organizations of tomorrow and the hub of a burgeoning media platform.

"We were looking for a "right sized" CRM tool that would enhance both the selling and business management experience. Given our diverse product offering and the need to manage multiple distribution channels in a variety of locations, the open ended architecture and ability to integrate with other industry software tools and management analysis and reporting tools was of high priority. We have found flexible and responsive partners in RAB and Marketron and believe that the RAB Account Manager will truly become a valuable resource and tool as we continue to build a more efficient and robust media business," says Jeff Simpson, President and CEO of Bonneville International Corporation.

To date Marketron has created strategic partnerships with over 25 media industry providers to integrate into the Mediascape Platform and expand the services being offered to media groups.

About Marketron
Marketron is the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry. The Marketron Mediascape Platform, Traffic and Suite of Services drive innovation to create new growth opportunities that produce the maximum value for our clients and facilitate their evolution into digital. Relied on by more than 7,000 media organizations, Marketron solutions are the most widely-used media solutions in the world, managing an estimated $15 billion dollars of annual advertising revenue.

About the Radio Advertising Bureau
The Radio Advertising Bureau serves more than 6,000 member Radio stations in the U.S. and over 1,000 member networks, representative firms, broadcast vendors, and international organizations. RAB leads and participates in educational, research, sales, and advocacy programs that promote and advance Radio as a primary advertising medium.