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Marketron Expands Partnership with Saga Communications

New agreement allows Marketron to continue providing solutions to Saga’s 23 markets and 99 stations

HAILEY, ID – June 11, 2013 - Marketron, the media industry's leading provider of software solutions and business services, has expanded its partnership with Grosse Pointe, Michigan-based broadcast company Saga Communications (SGA). 

Besides extending the existing partnership between Marketron and Saga, in which Marketron provides solutions for 99 radio stations in Saga's 23 markets, the new agreement calls for Marketron to provide additional services. 

This includes Marketron's Insight reporting product, which enables companies to manage and access mission-critical data; Proof of Performance, which allows radio stations to send advertisers and agencies spot time schedules and other information on a scheduled basis so they can make better buying decisions; as well as Network Connect, a system for automating network order processing designed to help traffic managers streamline their workflow. 

"Marketron's team delivers incredible value for our company, which helps strengthen our business relationship. We are enthused about our renewed commitment to run our business on Marketron solutions, and look forward to deploying new Marketron products at the station level," said Sam Bush, Chief Financial Officer of Saga Communications. 

"Saga Communications first came to us for our mobile offerings and saw a meaningful outcome. We are proud of the work we've done and will continue to use our services to increase their user engagement across all platforms," said Jeff Haley, President and CEO at Marketron. 

In addition to the renewed agreement to use Marketron's radio traffic products and add-on services, Saga will continue to use Marketron Mobile to power their mobile advertising campaigns. In 2012, Saga worked with Marketron Mobile for its "Saga Collective Texting Contest". Overall total text club membership increased 45% during this contest. 

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