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Marketron charts new growth with digital

As radio has upped its digital game over the past several years, it’s often a digital concept that lures a new or returning advertiser to the medium.  The trend has been good for vendors like Marketron, which has added mobile and digital services to its traditional ad trafficking software.   In the year since Marketron absorbed Emmis Interactive in a cash-free deal, the digital division has grown its clients by more than 20%.

Marketron chief revenue officer Deb Esayian, who came with Emmis Interactive, says the marriage brought much needed infrastructure and economies of scale.  A large percentage of Marketron’s more than 7,000 clients are radio stations and the company’s goal is to have 35% of them using its content management system and mobile products.  Agencies say radio’s digital offerings are helping re-excite advertisers about the medium and helping it stay relevant.  Esayian says it’s something she’s noticed among Marketron clients, too. “Because we can prove measured performance through interactive tools, the belief in radio from certain advertisers that were skeptical has improved dramatically,” she says.  “There are a lot of young digital sales managers doing some impressive new business.”

A new mobile-based gaming technology Marketron plans to demo at next week’s Radio Show in Orlando is designed to put more digital sizzle in station offerings.  Mobile Scratch & Win, a customizable SMS game, will allow stations to offer instant-win opportunities for clients.  The “scratcher” can be used in conjunction with a new product rollout, a grand opening, a promotion around a big event, a ticket giveaway or other daily promotion.   It’s intended to help stations augment their ad offerings with an instant gratification hook. “All of the digital products should be coupled with radio advertising in a bundled approach,” Esayian says.