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TDGA: Marketron User Symposium Review, Digital

by Jenn Cihlar, TDGA Contributing Editor, & KRYD Traffic Manager

My last two days of the Marketron User Symposium were spent in a room full of brilliant minds from all over the US, and included a group from Canada, who were all eager to learn more about Marketron Mobile. Let me tell you, these men and women possess amazing knowledge and brilliance in their thought process, brainstorming, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box. I do not know much personally in the field of Mobile Marketing, Graphic Design, or Digital Sales, and some of the discussions were above my head! 


I can work a traffic system and operate efficiently wearing the many hats I do in my career and home life, but the extent of my web browsing use is geared mainly towards my email and banking needs. I do use applications on my phone for little things such as listening to music and have been known to blow off steam by bashing some pillars with some angry birds, however, I have been clueless as to what the digital world is really like on the creation side and I was thoroughly impressed with the turn of direction on my third day of meetings in Chicago.


In addition to splitting into specific groups for learning and exchanging techniques (such as the photo to the left) , I also had the opportunity to sit in other sessions (second photo shows advanced "think tank" environment, whie I observed Digital Managers, Senior Manager Teams, Web Graphic Designers, and Mobile Solutions VP’s engage with each other and release new technological advancements). These advance sessions  will help Radio Stations engage with their audience, producing results and building revenue with their clients. I was listening to these men and women talk about the Mobile Messaging Platform which does not require downloads, is web-based, and can be live in 30 seconds with anywhere around 22,000 mobile campaigns executed per day and 30 million messages sent to your audience per month. The reach is amazing!


Today we are more mobile than ever before and taking advantage of the ability to connect with customers wherever and whenever through their mobile devices is “the next best thing to whispering in their ear”. To prove the point we were all asked to take out our phones, which every single one of us in the room had in our pockets, and we sent a text message with the word “WINNER” to a 5 digit number. Within minutes a woman raised her arms with excitement for she was selected to win a small prize. Now please note, no radio was in the room with us, but the intended message in our demos successfully reached every single one of us through our phones. The excitement generated in the room, over the anticipation of someone winning, was very intriguing to me and instantly, I knew that Marketron is right on target with their vision. If they can get a room-full of us excited and engaged in such a way, imagine what a radio station can generate within their audience of listeners and the results they can produce for their advertisers! I am not a station owner or Director of Digital Sales, but I am excited!!!


I found myself very drawn into this side of the spectrum, which is far from my experience as a Traffic Professional and I began to wonder how this information is pertinent to someone like me who knows little to nothing about Digital Sales and Marketing. Instead I am one who came to the Symposium to learn what I could about the Virtual Traffic system I use daily and how to become more effective, efficient and streamlined in my daily operations. I spent some time with these like-minded individuals out-side of the boardroom, who were very friendly, patient and understanding in my seemingly confused state of mind. They were eager to answer any and all questions I had to the best of their ability and never once made me feel insecure in my quest to know more…What I got from them is the importance of engaging the audience using digital tools to grow revenues, knowing we are using digital and on-air tools, show a preview of coming attractions, not just on-air commercials, but added banners and streaming inventory (which will engage those of us Traffic Professionals who will be working with those orders in one way or another). Marketron is presenting an integrated solution and we as Traffic Professionals will be able to help reflect what is happening in the market.


Below are some of the things about Marketron Mobile,  I learned about and found interesting that I would like to highlight for you. However, if you are feeling the burning desire of curiosity building within, Marketron is open to answering any and all questions you may have and you are very encouraged to reach out to these wonderful folks whom I have been privileged and pleased to spend the past four days with. The men and women who are behind the scenes, answering our many questions, building endless training tools, enhancing the systems we utilize and depend on daily, and organizing opportunities for us to learn such as this year’s symposium, are incredible individuals. They work hard to help us succeed and are full of professional intelligence, kindness, humor, and character unlike any I have ever experienced in the working world before.


If you think it's all classes, sharing and tips to make you more productive, Marketron adds in enough of the social whirl to develop rapport between teachers, students and professional Traffic folks from all sized markets. This photo is shows one of our get-togethers after class, this one at Portillo's a great after-hours spot in Chicago. We shared in long days working hard together, and fun filled nights, laughing over pizza and bowling; sharing in the incredible experience of a baseball game and dinner; hot dogs, ribs and chocolate cake shakes through pouring rain; and simply, sharing in the company of one another, as we got to connect with all we truly have in common both in our personal and professional lives. These men and women, who all wear many hats as we all do in the broadcasting industry, definitely put together an amazing event and I say “hats off” to you Marketron for a job well done. If you missed the opportunity to be in Chicago this year, I recommend you keep your eyes open for the next event, as I will be doing, for you will not be disappointed one bit. Thank you to the staff and customers of Marketron for this amazing experience and helping Traffic Professionals utilize our VT and MT systems more efficiently.  I thank you Vickie Best and Marcia Chase for your incredible insight and teachings for the first two days with Visual Traffic.


I am excited to watch it all fall into place and come together in a streamlined fashion and I am sure I will be reaching out for some tech support! And thank you Larry who is enjoying Epcot, for this opportunity here in Chicago. It has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to get to know a new side of myself, and I hope one day to have the honor of doing this again. I am headed back home from this rainy and windy, but spectacular city, to my country home in the mountains where there is much work to be done.


Now, as promised….

Marketron Mobile:

  • Platform – being platform-based means you can efficiently glean insight across your entire mobile landscape
  • mSite – drag-and-drop web-based mobile website builder. Not only is it easy to use, but it will ensure your organization and advertisers are optimized for today’s mobile viewer.
  • SMS and Mobile Scratch and Win – creating sms advertising campaigns and turning your users phones into virtual scratch tickets aiding in endless promotional advertising opportunities.
  • Reporting – collecting valuable data to help you increase your revenue.
  • W.A.V.E – Workshops for Audience Valuation and Engagement…Without an audience you have no one consuming a brand product or service.
  • Brand; Content; Database…Location, Location, Location…Curating Communities…Optimizing Mobile Web Experience…and MORE!