TDGA: Marketron User Symposium Review, Day 2

By Jenn Cihlar, TDGA Contributing Editor


The theme of my first two days at the Marketron User Symposium here in Chicago seems to follow the lines of, “Just when you think you know…you don’t know until you finally do”. As a VT user who had been feeling pretty confident in the product I use daily, having spent two consecutive days in a round table discussion group, I quickly discovered that I definitely do not know what I thought I did. I found myself in a “system-overload” not knowing how to piece this day together for you.  


So being a VT user, I took some time to sit with the wonderful Kate Toothman, Product Development Coordinator, who helped me understand the new and improved features of the Marketron Traffic 7.0. Kate was generous with her time in sharing with me the hot new upgrades, defect fixes, and added features, her and her team have been working on. When I first learned of them on our opening day, the room was alive with hoots and hollers and many folks clapping and thanking the Marketron Team for their hard work to support the every-day users. Being witness to the glowing smile of elation in Kate’s face, knowing she was part of a team to help support and deliver results for all of you who use MT,was priceless and the energy of excitement was infectious.


To highlight some of these great changes for you:(In the photo, we're all getting ready for another session to begin)


Mediascape Streaming ties into Marketron 7.0 and is now available for your stations to create new streaming campaigns, target the ad injection for in-stream and pre-roll media, and invoice the campaigns using the performance data.


Defect “fixes” in the Sales Activity Reports include:

  • Subtotals for salesrep on page breaks
  • Revenue Builder Increase/Decrease column fixed when reporting by net
  • Non-contracted revisions will report accurately


Notification Improvements have been made for Contract Missing Copy. There is now a new “save-as” option  to save existing orders for other/new stations, and a big one for you here…When voiding invoices, spots will now automatically return to the board file without prompting the user, meaning less chance of hitting that wrong button resulting in a panicked “help” call to tech support.


For Accounts Receivable with Electronic Invoicing Batch, the options for NTR/non-spot schedule line content are now enabled. Marketron has improved the misleading contract totals when simple line revisions/header modifications are done and they now have added what they refer to as a “KATZ fix”. Your KATZ orders will automatically sort by date/time by default. For other order sources such as TapScan and Strata, users will be able to choose this feature on an order by order case. And with your Pay Now Data Uploads, Marketron has streamlined the process cutting your time in half for the upload of Marketon data and speed up the Pay Now client activation process. For this VT user, these are some of the MT hot points to touch on in the best of my ability, and I do feel somewhat like the “blind” leading the bunch.


When I came to this symposium, I had confidence that I was utilizing the features and functions of VT in an efficient way. I was proud of the detail oriented work I was delivering and the “innovative” ways I was engaging this product Marketron has put in place to ease operations of a busy radio station. I have been blown away in this windy city by how much I thought I knew but really, I do not. I have had in-depth training on better billing practices, report generation and frequency to ensure nothing is missed, the importance of backing up daily, cart management, copy plan execution, and order input methods which will essentially cut my work time in half and simplify our orders. Have you ever looked at the tabs on your VT (or MT) screen and asked yourself, “I wonder what this button will do….but I am afraid to touch it and mess something up…?” I ask myself that very question all the time, and in the last day of deep interactive discussion, I discovered that nothing is really that scary and actually, if I had the courage to explore or pick up the phone to the amazing Marketron staff to ask, I would find the answer to squelch that fear deep in the mud. Normally I would be embarrassed to admit this fear and how silly I feel I have not known what I thought I did, but sitting in the company of so many fellow Traffic Professionals, I found a commonality within us all. None of us went to school to learn traffic, and none of us were formerly “trained” by another professional. Most of us were given the basic “need-to-know” information and the rest we unfolded in our curios nature. Whether a VT or MT user, the one solid piece of advice I can pass on to you with confidence is this:


If in doubt, ask. The staff at Marketron is there to offer you support and guidance and help you operate with ease and efficiency. They are there by phone and they have worked hard to provide all the information you need in one easily accessible place. is loaded with manuals, training videos, cheat sheets, guidelines and tools for your reference and use. Step-by-step information is waiting for you to access it.  


In fact at there is information on Marketron Traffic, Mediascape, Pay Now, Proof of Performance (POP-a new add on feature for both VT and MT), Electronic Orders, and for the surprising few who still use DeltaFlex…it is there too!


We still have another day of presentations and new happenings within Marketron and I am excited for the continued interaction with this great group of folks out here in Chicago, that I am not ready to part ways with yet. Everywhere I turn, I find myself in wonderful company in the Traffic Professionals who traveled here from afar (the Bahamas, Alaska, Canada, New Hampshire, a fellow Coloradan and more) and in the staff of Marketron, no matter what their position is within the company. They have outdone themselves with their kind-hearted engagement with us, and have “wine and dined” us, essentially spoiling this small town girl. We ended our second day unwinding on a charter bus taking us to our reserved patio at the US Cellular field where we watched the Chicago White Sox defeat the San Francisco Giants, and we connected, and basked in the calm setting of a peaceful night. We even got to enjoy the fireworks of two home run hits and I felt at ease in the company of my new friends. (Editor's note: That's Jenn in the middle).


On the way back to our hotel, my mind wandered to Larry in Orlando, and a few of us wondered if he is there having as much fun as we are here…We sure do hope so Larry!  (Note to Jenn: Hello from Epcot, Yes, we're learning quite a bit as the new OSI version 8.0 is readied for release in the next month or so... and regards from our crew down in Orlando...we, too are meeting, exchanging, and since t his reply comes from Epcot where we're enjoying Imnagine Communications hospitality-- sounds like we're both on a "tough" assignment. More later, I have to sit down for a one-on=one with Mickey & Minnie.)


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