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Marketron Strengthens Relationship with Two Industry Leading Media Companies

Emmis and Saga sign expanded long-term contracts with Marketron locking in its dominant share in Broadcast Radio services

HAILEY, ID – March 12, 2015 - Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions for the media industry, announced today that Emmis Communications, the ninth largest radio group in the US, and Saga Communications, which owns and operates more than 100 broadcast properties in 23 markets, have both renewed and expanded their current contracts for several years.


In addition to continuing their traditional traffic and revenue management service, both companies have added several new offerings including Marketron’s new Expanded Disaster Recovery Service, Efficio CRM Integration, Proof of Performance and Marketron’s reporting and management tools, Mediascape Insight and Accounts.


“Marketron has been an invaluable partner to us as we continue to transform how we do business.  Our work together has allowed us to create significant efficiencies company-wide at the core of our revenue management operations,” said Patrick Walsh, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Emmis Communications.


Saga Communications has also expanded its use of Marketron Digital’s mobile solution for all 23 of Saga’s markets.


“ Our renewal with Marketron was an easy decision.  They have proven to be not only an excellent service provider, but more importantly a great partner.  As CFO, I am especially pleased with the power that Mediascape Insight has brought to the senior executives and look forward to capitalizing on this fantastic management and reporting tool,” said Sam Bush, Chief Financial Officer at Saga Communications.


“We are delighted to be expanding our partnerships with both Emmis and Saga and grateful for their trust in Marketron to be the platform for their revenue management operations.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service to these two valued clients while giving them the best products and services to run their businesses in the most efficient and optimal way,” said Deb Esayian, Chief Revenue Officer for Marketron.


“By providing a growing portfolio of powerful management and reporting tools, such as Mediascape Insight and an expanding digital product offering, Marketron strives to meet current client needs while anticipating those yet to come. Our goal is simply to make it easier for our clients to run their business,” said Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer for Marketron.