Newest component is a revolutionary, multi-media campaign management tool

HAILEY, ID – April 15, 2015 – Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, today announced the launch of Mediascape Orders 360, a new solution that provides total campaign management from order entry to campaign reporting and invoicing via the Mediascape SaaS-based model.

Orders 360 is the latest offering for the Mediascape platform, joining Accounts and Insight delivering end-to-end, multi-media campaign management. This solution provides easy, intuitive order entry for all on-air and digital campaign elements plus campaign performance statistics and reporting rolled up into one invoice. This new product is revolutionary in that it will handle all media types, manage the entire campaign in real-time, and produce a single invoice with A/R integration.

Order Entry 360 is comprised of several revenue management components: Mediascape Streaming, Mediascape Display and Mediascape Airtime with plans for other integrations with off-air and mobile revenue in the future. Each piece allows for order entry, campaign management, performance statistics and invoicing for its corresponding media type. As a result of these integrations, Orders 360 will be able to provide a comprehensive and consolidated view of complete, multi-media campaigns all in a single platform.

Mediascape Streaming enables media outlet zone configuration, campaign impression management, ad injection, campaign performance statistics and reporting. Mediascape Display works in conjunction with display advertising networks, to allow broadcasters to enter and manage display campaign impressions, order dates and ad creative as well as send creative and manage display campaigns with real time reporting. Development has also begun on the next component, Mediascape Airtime, which will provide the ability to create, execute and bill on-air advertising from the Mediascape platform.

“Orders 360 gets us one step closer to a seamless open platform that makes it easier for broadcasters to run their business. By continuing our history of innovation and continual improvement we can ensure that Radio keeps up with the changing landscape of best practices in media management,” said Jeff Haley, President and CEO of Marketron.