Broadcasters report significant increases in digital revenues

HAILEY, ID – July 17, 2015 – Marketron’s location-based advertising solution launched just one year ago this month and has already produced significant results for broadcasters.  As the media industry’s leading provider of business software solutions and services, Marketron’s new solution has been adopted by several of the most innovative and digitally focused media companies in order to deliver hyper-local mobile advertising for their local marketers.

“Location is the sweet spot of mobile advertising,” said Martin Kristiseter, VP Mobile Solutions at Marketron. “More than 90% of commerce is conducted in brick-and-mortar stores and, with mobile, we can drive foot traffic by targeting users within close proximity to such locations or consumers that have visited specific locations in the past.  That message is really starting to resonate with our broadcast partners.”

In the last six months, numerous groups including Sinclair Broadcast Group, Cumulus Media, Beasley Media, Digity, Radio One, Delmarva Broadcasting, Saga Communications and many others have all implemented the solution and the results are already evident.

After recently contracting the service for all of its stations, Delmarva Broadcasting now attributes 13% of its total digital revenue to location-based advertising alone. “Marketron’s location-based advertising has opened up an unexpected variety of categories of advertisers for us and resulted in a marked increase in new business and digital revenue. It’s a product that engages nearly every prospect and client in meaningful conversation,” said Mark Weidel, General Manager at DBC Interactive.

Digity’s West Palm Beach market has experienced similar results since adopting this solution including the positive impact on revenue. Currently, location-based advertising makes up roughly 20% of the station’s digital revenue with strong potential to become their top billing digital product according to Marco Mottola, Digital Sales Manager for Digity West Palm Beach. “This is a very powerful product and has given us a great tool to offer our advertisers making us more of a resource to our clients, and it rounds out our portfolio of products. It’s important to have these kinds of products to compete for advertising dollars, the bottom line is that we have to deliver results to our clients and geo-fencing is doing that, and doing it well.”

With US mobile advertising forecasted at $28.7B in 2015 and expected to more than triple over the next 5 years, this solution gives broadcasters greater ability to deliver cutting-edge service to their advertisers and capitalize on this expected growth.