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Is Programmatic Poised to Transform Terrestrial Radio? with Jeff Haley

As president and CEO of Marketron, a business software provider servicing radio broadcasters, Jeff Haley oversees all developments designed to help broadcasters drive ad sales and revenue. Haley recently spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher about bringing programmatic to terrestrial radio and shared his expectations for doing so with regard to audience-driven data and real-time delivery.


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eMarketer: How quickly will programmatic take hold in the radio space?


Haley: By this time next year there will be multiple broadcasters trading inventory programmatically on a spot basis. What volume will they be trading? I don’t know yet. There’s certainly interest on the buy side and an air of inevitability on about programmatic from the broadcaster side.


When all of this can be done on an exchange, in a seamless, transparent way, that changes the dynamics. It can help us to see real acceleration across many markets and outlets.