Deeper programmatic functionality for Marketron Customers

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2016 – Marketron, the media industry’s leading provider of business software solutions, today announced the integration of data from Nielsen, Strata and Katz Radio Group’s programmatic exchange, Expressway from Katz, into Marketron’s Mediascape platform.

The new partnerships round out Marketron’s programmatic offering. Through Nielsen, broadcasters can import ratings data automatically bringing convenience and ease to transacting business on the platform. Cost per point (CPP) and Gross Ratings Points (GRP) will also be calculated as part of the integration. The Marketron Strata integration will enable RFPs originated from the Strata system to be matched with inventory from Marketron’s Marketplace. This will allow agencies and buyers a one screen solution for searching and transacting broadcast inventory. The partnership with Katz’s exchange enables broadcasters to seamlessly publish available inventory, transact on the Katz Expressway exchange and reconcile that transaction automatically within the Marketron Mediascape platform.

According to Jeff Haley, CEO, Marketron, “By integrating Marketron’s widely-used traffic system with data from Nielsen, Strata and Katz Radio Group’s programmatic exchange, we can now deliver a fully automated process. These partnerships present broadcasters and their advertisers with the ultimate programmatic powerhouse that combines the ubiquity of Marketron’s Mediascape traffic platform with compatible industry-leading partners. We are excited about adding these integrations to expand our programmatic capabilities.”

Says Kevin Gallagher, EVP Managing Director, Local Marketplaces at Starcom, “I’m excited about Marketron’s integrations for their Mediascape Marketplace. A true industry wide solution is going to require more of this kind of cooperation to succeed.”