Mentoring and Inspiring Women In Radio (MIW) Group Announces Winner of the 2017 MIW Rising Star Award

MIW Radio Group Names KDEC Station Manager and Morning Show Host Jeni Grouws the 2017 MIW Rising Star During the 2017 Rising Through the Ranks Program

Naples, FL (August 23, 2017): In 2016, the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group announced an alliance with Marketron to establish the “MIW Rising Star Award.” Named in honor and memory of the late Renée Roth, Marketron’s long-time Vice-President of International Sales, the MIW Rising Star is awarded to the top scoring scholarship applicant for the annual Rising Through the Ranks program.

Rising Through the Rank’s 2017 class was held August 16-17 at BMI’s Nashville offices, where Decorah Broadcasting, Inc. KDEC Radio Station Manager and Morning Show Host Jeni Grouws was recognized as the 2017 MIW Rising Star.

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group present “Rising Through the Ranks” each summer. Now in its 10th year, this 2-day intensive training seminar supports the advancement of women in radio sales management by offering participants real world applications that can be put to use in the workplace immediately. Over 20 female radio professionals attend annually and, thanks to the groups mentioned above, a portion of their expenses is covered by scholarships.

“Marketron proudly supports the MIW and the MIW Rising Star program,” said Marketron’s Chief Revenue Officer Deb Esayian. “All of us at Marketron know the importance of fostering great talent in our industry. Renee Roth was a genuine mentor and role model to so many rising female stars, and we want that legacy to continue. We heartily congratulate Jeni on this award and recognition – the sky knows no limits for her talent, courage and ability.”

“The MIW Group was created to nurture leadership and management skills in the next generation of female radio professionals Rising Through the Ranks represents the essence of this mission,” said MIW Spokeswoman and Mesnik Group President Denyse Mesnik. “Marketron’s generous support enables us to recognize one participant as the MIW Rising Star and underwrite their attendance at the upcoming 2017 Radio Show in Austin. This honor is both a tribute to Renee Roth’s memory and a confirmation of excellence in Jeni’s application for acceptance into Class of 2017. The MIW Group applauds her on this accomplishment.”

Jeni Grouws added, “What a thrilling and humbling moment it was to be presented with the MIW’s Rising Star Award! Women and men in this industry have worked together to make radio a place where anyone with the interest and the commitment can not only find a job, but also find a fulfilling and incredibly rewarding career. And the remarkable women associated with MIW have made it a priority to educate, inspire and mentor the next generations of women in radio. Because of their efforts, an entire industry is strengthened. What an honor indeed! On a personal note, as the mother of three incredibly talented, nerdy (their word!) and fun teenage girls, I can’t tell you how proud I was to show them this award.”

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