Visual Traffic 6.3 and 6.4 combine to deliver time savings, improved workflow, customizability

With the release of Visual Traffic 6.3 and 6.4, traffic managers and station operators will see a significant savings in time from improved workflow from automated processes as well as interface changes and new customization options.

Both releases are available now for all Visual Traffic clients.

With Visual Traffic 6.4, traffic managers and station operators will experience:

  • Major improvements to eOrders that include simplifying order changes and eliminating manual updates to orders. This means that users can now easily extend, delete or edit orders with a single click.
  • Enhancements to the Log Editor color-codes and highlights scheduling conflicts and contractual violations allowing for fast, easy resolution. It makes it easier to spot conflicts, which ultimately leads to fewer make goods.
  • Default security profiles for salespeople, traffic managers, business managers and other roles makes creating users faster and ensures consistency between user types.

The functionality in Visual Traffic 6.4 comes in addition to the enhancements that were released with Visual Traffic 6.3 in October. Highlights of that release include:

  • Improvements to the eOrder Importer enables text boxes to be expanded so that fields are complete and data isn’t truncated. This means eOrders that violate business processes can now be auto imported by programmatically applying the corrections.
  • Missing copy can be auto calculated making it possible to schedule the delivery of the Copy Missing report directly to the sales team.
  • Better visibility with log editor when you choose to include both the scheduled time and actual airtime (the invoice time remains on the invoice as well).
  • More customization options for invoices with the ability to select the California notary (if applicable) and control the tax line information.
  • A direct interface with the Storq2 automation system.

Visual Traffic 6.3 and 6.4 combine to be the largest update to Visual Traffic in nearly a decade. While there have been numerous small releases during that time, these releases deliver new functionality, feature enhancements and resolve issues that address more than 20 Performance Enhancement Requests (PERs) submitted by customers.

The Marketron product management team closely tracks and reviews PERs to help shape the product roadmap. With multiple releases planned this year, customers can expect to see open PERs addressed in future releases.

Complete details of the new functionality are available in the release notes in MyMarketron:


Please contact your account manager or customer support (help@marketron.com or (888) 239-8878) with any questions.