Marketplace automates the buying and selling process while giving you complete control of your inventory. You can offer, publish, and customize inventory for a single station or your entire group. The platform will provide you with intelligent analytics that will empower you to make better business decisions and get better value for your inventory.

Increase Revenue

Marketplace enables you to increase revenue by providing a new sales channel. It also exposes your inventory to a larger marketplace than you may have had access to previously.

Increase Buyer Prospecting

Marketplace brings new buyers who traditionally purchased interactive advertising programmatically to broadcast radio. It also brings new buyers who traditionally were not able to reach smaller markets and stations.

Increase Efficiency

Marketplace increases efficiencies with a transformative workflow that includes creative to ensure your spots have everything needed to air.

Retargeting Opportunities

With Marketplace you can easily access information about when a buyer last purchased offers in Marketplace and the time period that has elapsed since.

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Programmatic Buying FAQ

What Demand Side/Buyer Side Platform is used to buy the programmatic ads?

Media Ocean, Strata and Mediascape are all available.

I read about the company's partnership with Jelli to integrate the programmatic tech to its platform over a year ago. What have you been doing for the past year?

The Mediascape platform has been ready for months and integration with Jelli’s network is also complete. The timing of our launch is more related to the marketplace itself rather than the technology behind it. We felt that now was the right time to show our technology as acceptance on the Radio seller side has gained critical mass.

Who sets the price on the platform?

The broadcaster sets the price in our platform.

Does the platform provide auctioning services?

Not currently, the platform provides “click to buy” functionality.

Does this platform support real-time buys?

While it’s possible to inject advertising into the Radio logs within minutes of a buy we do not see this as a likely path for Radio for some time to come, with the possible exception of political. As programmatic transitions from one medium to the next, it’s important to note that the model will change to reflect the characteristics of that medium. Broadcast radio has a different set of characteristics than interactive and as such it’s unlikely that programmatic trading practices will be the same.  In the case of this demonstration, buys were completed and entered into next week’s logs within minutes.

Can buyers use first- or third-party data to target specific audiences via the Mediascape platform?

Absolutely – Here, too, though, the use of data will be a bit different than you see in Interactive media. We expect broadcasters will leverage a lot of their own first party data from their streaming distribution and project that across the similar broadcast audience.

What makes this programmatic? On the sell-side, how is it different than traditional selling?

We define Programmatic trading as the use of software with data inputs to facilitate a media transaction. This becomes programmatic and different than traditional selling because it does not involve direct communication between buyer and seller.

What makes this programmatic? On the buy-side, how is it different than traditional selling?

Same as above with the distinction that on each side of this trade both seller and buyer bring a unique set of proprietary planning tools to help determine the right combination of inventory, rate, and data to create a trade. In the case of Marketron’s customers, those tools are a SaaS based platform called Mediascape, which informs a set of key points of interest data unique to each customer and facilitates the availability of inventory.

As a seller, can I see other seller’s inventory?

Currently there are no programmatic buy types which sellers can view other sellers inventory. In the future, when auctions are available, sellers will be allowed to opt-in and choose to offer invitation only or open auctions.

As a seller, how is my inventory protected from other sellers?

All buyers are individually vetted by the Mediascape team as to ensure that only valid registrants receive access to the service.

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