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Marketplace for Advertisers

The Industry’s First Programmatic Spot Advertising Platform
for Broadcast Radio

Mediascape Marketplace increases sales, drives accessibility and raises the value of your inventory through one buying and selling platform.

Marketplace makes the entire process of purchasing radio advertising easier for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, Marketplace enables you to have direct access to all sellers, from the largest advertising markets to the smallest underserved advertising markets. You can search for offers meeting your specific criteria, view the details of the offers, and purchase offers programmatically.

Marketplace increases operational efficiency by allowing buyers to find and purchase the appropriate inventory without undo transaction costs. By improving the delivery and reconciliation process, it ensures transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of the buy. Marketplace facilitates access to important data and metrics about your offers and campaigns and works in conjunction with third-party integrations that allow you to “bring your own” data to Marketplace.

Marketplace enables you to: 

  • Obtain “real-time” performance metrics on the execution of your advertising campaign. 
  • Improve campaign efficiency, targeting, transparency, control and standard practices adoption. 
  • Increase advertising reach in underserved markets without increasing operational costs. 


  • Integrate with disparate data sources in order to bring your own data into Marketplace. 
  • Increase capabilities in finding the right kind of inventory for your business or the advertisers that you represent. 
  • Improve your creative distribution process.