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Orders 360

Marketron’s New All-in-One Multi-Media Order Entry Platform

Enter orders for any media type into one platform. Manage the entire multi-media campaign in one place. Deliver one multi-media campaign invoice.



Orders 360 is an offering for the Mediascape platform, joining Accounts and Insight delivering end-to-end multi- media campaign management. This solution provides easy, intuitive order entry for all on-air and digital campaign elements plus campaign performance statistics and reporting rolled up into a single invoice with A/R integration.



In conjunction with display advertising networks, this solution allows you to enter and manage your display campaign impressions, order dates and ad creative with ease. Instantly integrate and send creative to ad networks. Manage campaigns with real time reporting.

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In partnership with multiple streaming providers, this product enables media outlet zone configuration, campaign impression management, ad injection, targeting and campaign performance statistics and reporting. 

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Create, execute and bill on-air advertising just as you always have – except now you’ll be able to enter all media type orders into one system at the same time! 

Alternative Revenue

Capture all your non-spot revenue – events, sponsorships or any other type of non-media income – in one system – and track in detail!