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Fully Integrated Display Advertising Solution

Mediascape Display enables you to create, monetize and bill your display
advertising from one seamless solution.

Mediascape Display is a display advertising service offering configuration with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (Small Business or Premium). In conjunction with display advertising networks, this solution allows you to enter and manage your display campaign impressions, order dates and ad creative with ease. You have the ability to instantly integrate and send creative to ad networks as well as take advantage of real time reporting to closely manage campaigns. 


Performance Data

We support market-level operational flexibility while ensuring corporate level consolidation and clear reporting. 

Sell and Bill Display Ads along with other Media Types

With Mediascape Display, multi-media campaigns can be created, propagated and billed from one seamless management tool. 

Granular Targeting of Display Ads

Within a campaign, you can manage and target display ads on a granular level to offer advertisers greater ROI. 

Consolidated Reporting

The Mediascape open platform’s reporting tools enable users to access all reporting in one place – including integrated reporting across all
media types.