Marketron knows that our clients succeed when their partnerships open doors. That's why we partner with well-established, best-in-class companies-to enrich their offerings and strengthen the technology, solutions and services available to all.

Because Marketron solutions are the most widely trusted and relied upon in the media industry, we lead in creating a strong and connected communication platform on behalf of our clients. Gone are the days of proprietary systems that restrict growth. Those didn't work. As our track record shows, the Marketron Partner Program is the heart of the vital, collaborative relationships that define our evolving industry.


Marketron Software Partner Program

The Marketron Software Partner Program provides our partners with the tools and resources they need to strengthen their businesses. By partnering with Marketron, you will join a dynamic community of partners that deliver where it counts. We're proven experts in products and services that strengthen the entire media industry. And that's good for everyone's bottom line.


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Marketron Software Partner Program Levels

Marketron delivers the resources and services you need to be successful, including consulting, integration services, and sales and marketing tools to help you grow your business in our competitive and dynamic marketplace.

Here are the three levels of our software partner program:

This is the first step in growing your partner relationship with Marketron. Partners enjoy the benefit of our sales and marketing tools and access to a solid base of media clients. Marketron partners are companies that operate in our industry and share our commitment to its success.
Preferred partners desire some level of communication or software integration with Marketron solutions on behalf of mutual or potential clients. Marketron understands that in today's competitive marketplace, many products are available and these products can be stronger and more beneficial to clients if communication is enhanced and data is shared.
Premium partners are reserved for Partners and Preferred partners that offer the greatest possible benefit to Marketron clients and that are committed to moving into a more strategic relationship with us. Premium partners, extended by invitation only, define the strongest, most dynamic and most beneficial force for the industry, specifically for our shared clients.