Forecasting revenue for advertising is critical for any broadcast company.

Two aspects make up your projections: OTA (over the air) and third-party digital. We’ve created this handy ROI calculator that can help you look into the future of revenue. You can also use it to understand the impact of third-party digital if your station isn’t currently selling it. Dive into the calculations to see what the revenue horizon looks like for you and your sellers.

OTA Revenue

Projected OTA Ad Growth1
2022 2023 2024
11.40% -5.00% -1.00%
Your Projected OTA Revenue
2022 2023 2024

Third-Party Digital Revenue

Enter your 2021 third-party digital revenue. If you aren’t currently selling digital products, enter $63,000. Based on our internal data, this is the average amount a first-year small- to mid-market organization can expect to generate.

Projected Third-Party Digital Growth2
2022 2023 2024
22% 12.90% 8.40%
Your Projected Third-Party Digital Revenue
2022 2023 2024

Average Third-Party Digital Revenue by Company Size

See how you compare with the projected revenue for small-, mid- and large-market benchmarks.3 Note: You can adjust the auto-populated 2021 revenue numbers should you have other benchmark data available.

Third-Party Digital Projected Revenue by Company Size
Company Size 2022 2023 2024

Download the results with numbers and charts by clicking the button below.

1: Information sourced from BIA Advisory Services and eMarketer
2: Information sourced from Borrell/RAB and eMarketer
3: Information sourced from Borrell/RAB

As you can see, projections for OTA are decreasing or remaining flat, while third-party digital is soaring.

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