Marketron NXT Training Academy

We are excited to announce the full revamping of NXT Training Academy to better support media sellers.

It’s now available for Marketron NXT customers. The academy is part of our commitment to creating sales enablement content and training for broadcast and media salespeople. All our NXT customers have access to this at no cost. The program increases sellers’ knowledge around digital advertising products with tips for how to position campaigns to advertisers.

What’s New

We’ve received great feedback and engagement during the first year of NXT Training Academy. To ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers in an ever-changing digital landscape, we decided to update the content.

Here’s what the newest version includes:


16 New Video Courses

We’ve added new courses from our partners at P1 Learning, including:

  • Paid, Owned and Shared Media
  • Understanding Digital Formats: Part 1
  • Understanding Digital Formats: Part 2
  • Digital Words with Friends
  • Digital Media Formats: Search Advertising
  • Digital Media Formats: Display
  • Digital Media Formats: Desktop
  • Digital Media Formats: Mobile
  • Enhanced Media and Measurement
  • Is Your Customer’s Interactive Sabotaging Your Traditional Campaign?
  • Implementing the Digital Campaign
  • Analyzing Campaign Data
  • Media Math: Cost Per Thousand
  • Media Math: Cost Per Sale
  • Media Math: Cost Per Click
  • Media Math: CTR, CPA and eCPM
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New and Updated Learning Lessons

Trainees will learn even more with new and updated learning lessons with added case studies, a social media overview, and display ad creative and best practices.

Rehearse! Course Addition

We’ve also added a rehearsal course. It includes step-by-step guides for users to create broadcast and digital proposals using their own market and clients.

Quizzes to Reinforce Learnings

At the conclusion of each course, users will be able to take a multiple-choice quiz that reinforces the key learning concepts.

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing all the sessions, users will have the opportunity to take an exam. When they pass it, they’ll receive a certificate of completion.

Get Your Sellers Digital-Ready with NXT Training Academy

We are thrilled to bring this revamped concept to our customers. What your team can learn from this will make them savvier and more confident. It’s great for salespeople at any point in their career, either as an introduction or a refresher. It’s no coincidence that better training is the key to success in boosting digital sales. More informed salespeople are always a recipe for success.

Start learning today!
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