Higher click-throughs plus increased website traffic and conversion

Marketron’s superior new email marketing solution guarantees advertisers HIGHER click-throughs plus INCREASED website traffic and conversion versus standard email marketing – all with the most efficient price point in the industry!


Hyper-Target Your Audience

Enhanced Email allows advertisers to hyper-target their audience where they are engaged most and drive these customers to their website using a layered approach of email marketing as a foundation boosted by sponsored Gmail and Yahoo email ads – with guaranteed inbox placement.

Campaign reporting in seconds - instead of 3 days!

  • Give advertisers and account reps immediate visibility into stats
  • Deeper, richer and more detailed campaign analytics including device usage and click-throughs on embedded links
  • Matchback option to link respondents with the customer CRM
  • Better campaign performance through our hyper-targeting capabilities, rich databases and layered advertising

Turnkey self-service portal makes campaign creation a breeze!

  • Offering the fastest turnaround time in the industry – from set up and testing to deployment and campaign measurement.
  • Our mailing systems leverage numerous IP’s, servers and software to deploy engaging and responsive emails across ALL devices
  • Rich selection of consumer behaviors and interests for accurate hyper-targeting

100% Bot-Free Guarantee!

  • Triple-layer technology identifies and filters bots in real time
  • 100% CAM-SPAM compliant
  • Conforms with all DMA Guidelines
  • We guarantee to replace any bot not filtered in real time with a new valid click or visitor at no extra charge

Best Practices and Training!

Our expert digital service team provides full-service training and support including advice on the very best practices for success.

Marketron’s Enhanced Email solution can be purchased as a stand-alone product or combined with other Marketron digital advertising services to optimize digital and multi-media campaigns.

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