A platform for payments that makes dollars and sense

PayNow consolidates ACH and credit card payments into one platform for advertisers, agencies and station personnel, saving time and making the payment process easy for all. From invoice to payment to funding — all the processes, reports and support are handled through one system that streamlines accounting. With PayNow, you will save time, encourage faster payments and reduce inefficiencies.

Experience PayNow

The platform that powers your accounts receivable


Easy advertiser payments

One simple portal for ACH and credit card payments allows customers to quickly view and pay invoices and pre-payment requests. Meanwhile, you’ll lower your days outstanding and increase your cash flow.


Streamlined workflow

Combining invoicing, merchant processing and reporting automates many processes. Reduce inefficiencies and give the accounting team time back for more strategic initiatives.


Transparent pricing

Competitive flat rates on ACH and credit card processing make it easy to see costs associated with accepting electronic payments. It’s transparent and understandable, so you can improve projections and simplify reporting.


The PayNow ecosystem

For Broadcasters:

PayNow Traffic Portal

Manage and review customer activity for invoices, payments and pre-payment requests.

PayNow Merchant Portal

Easy access to the integrated merchant processor streamlines workflow between invoicing, payment and funding.

For Advertisers:

PayNow Advertising Portal

Advertisers and agencies access invoices and can pay electronically using ACH or credit card payments.

Guest Checkout

Payments are even easier with our guest checkout feature. Receive invoices and pre-payment requests in your inbox, and pay online in a few clicks — no login required!

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