Podcast Ad Management

Monetize your stations' podcast with Podcast Ad Management.

Podcasting is a fast-growing revenue generator. According to a study, podcasting’s projected growth for 2022 is 17.8%. Are your stations missing out on this revenue stream?

If your stations produce podcasts, we can help you traffic them as you would a terrestrial radio station. Enjoy features like real-time access to inventory and billing data, proof of performance for advertisers, streamlined and automated workflows, and fast, flexible implementations.

Did you know?


55% of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast.


Podcasting is becoming more popular with U.S. listeners year-over-year, growing over 10% in 2021. Many of these people already listen to your current podcasts.


81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads.

The Next Round

Learn how Jon Lunceford from “The Next Round” podcast used our podcast ad management solutions to traffic ads, realizing profit in only 90 days.

“Marketron Traffic was super easy to learn. The interface is great. Another plus is access. Other solutions were on-premises and only accessible through VPNs, and we needed more flexibility so that we could make changes on the fly.”

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Easily schedule and manage podcast ads with a traffic platform. Start monetizing your podcast today.

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