Marketron APIs

Marketron’s APIs drive efficiency and improve interoperability by connecting software ecosystems and business processes. Developers can streamline workflows by leveraging data from Marketron in external systems or pulling in order data to Marketron’s ecosystem, allowing for a complete and unified data experience.

Marketron’s RESTful API is consumable via traditional REST methods or via our GraphQL implementation option.

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Explore a few of our top API use cases

data api


Enhance your software stack with Marketron data

Consolidate linear, O&O and third-party digital campaign performance data into one place.
Sync order data from Marketron’s traffic platforms to your CRM provider for up-to-date insights on sales performance, pacing analysis and best customers.
Extract Marketron data into external analytic tools for greater insight on performance across the business or within a specific campaign (enabling mid-campaign optimizations to deliver best results).
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order api


Streamline and automate order entry

Simplify your proposal to order workflow, pull in proposals created in other systems, and easily convert them to orders in Marketron’s traffic or digital platforms.
Load digital and linear orders from other platforms into Marketron’s ecosystem for comprehensive data views and invoicing.
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See how Marketron’s APIs
can improve your business

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