Custom Solutions Desk

Deliver in-demand custom digital advertising solutions with a trusted strategic partner.

Get your advertisers in front of their target audience on the right platform at the right moment with advanced digital solutions, available to both Marketron NXT and Pitch clients.

Marketron Custom Solutions Desk empowers media companies, broadcasters and marketing agencies to expand their cross-channel advertising strategies to include niche digital partners and tactics without the time and expense of establishing their own partner relationships.

Benefits of the Custom Solutions Desk


Extend your advertiser’s reach

by getting in front of their target audience with dynamic ads on popular platforms.


Expand your NXT and Pitch digital offerings

without having to utilize a separate vendor.


Position yourself as a digital leader

with access to new advertising products in an evolving marketplace.


Get hands-on support,

publisher-direct reporting and campaign optimization for advanced digital solutions.

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Accelerate Your Digital Revenue Growth

  • See up to a 45% higher ROI and 7% increase in offline sales with full-funnel strategies, compared to marketing campaigns across a single purchase stage.
  • Target more than 65 million decision makers on LinkedIn by company traits or individual interests.
  • Get a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion on Pinterest than with traditional social media.
  • Reach 74% of adults in the U.S. across every device, from smartphones to connected TVs, with YouTube.
  • Capitalize on engaged millennial and Gen Z audiences on Snapchat, who wield $1.9 trillion in buying power.
  • Leverage highly influential audiences with TikTok, with 94% of Gen Z users taking action on content and nearly half recommending a product or brand to their parents.

Reach Advertisers in New Categories

Broadcasters and marketing agencies are continually looking for new advertisers to support. Many industries are rapidly growing but are restricted from advertising on popular advertising networks and social media platforms.

Marketron can help you capture additional revenue by supporting advertisers in restricted categories.

  • Cannabis (including marijuana and CBD)
  • Gambling (including casinos and sports betting)
  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks
  • Political
Exclusive Tactics

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