Digital Advertising 101
Training Kit

New to digital advertising? Our training kit will increase your digital knowledge and help you start selling digital solutions successfully.

What’s Included:

  1. Terms to Know for Digital Advertising
  2. Digital Seller Series eBook
    – Covers the top digital ad products and teaches you what each is, who should use them and includes a case study in every lesson
    – Additional digital resources included
  3. Creative Examples by Ad Category
    – Display Ads: Definition and sizes
    – Top 100 Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
    – Example digital ad specs for popular advertising categories
    – Tips to selling digital in top advertising categories
  4. Research Rocks! Action Plan Workbook
    – List of top prospecting and research tools
    – Customer touchpoint checklist
    – Recommended prospecting resources
  5. Broadcast Calendars
    – One- and three-year

We hope this kit helps you get excited about digital and gain confidence in adding it to your valuable product portfolio. Want to learn even more? Reach out to us at

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