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Purpose-built for media companies, Marketron REV powers your success. Eliminate pain points around inefficiency, manual entry, lack of insights, order management, optimizing spot rates and pipeline visibility.

In one solution, you’ll get all the capabilities you need: pipeline management, proposal creation, linear TV and radio order entry, dynamic pricing tools and real-time data reporting.

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The platform that powers sales

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Streamline the sales cycle

Reduce the sales process to just 15 minutes. Maximize productivity and eliminate manual data re-entry with one platform that enables seamless linear TV and radio proposal and order management.

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Increase top-line revenue

Improve profits with automated rate setting that adjusts based on current fill rates. Establish salesperson-specific limits on order discounting.

real-time data

Make informed decisions

Access to real-time avails in proposals and orders alleviates overselling and speeds up approvals. Visual dashboards make it easier to understand current station performance and conduct post analysis.

What you can do with REV


Customer management

Built-in pipeline management capabilities allow sales to manage prospects and customer accounts easily.

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  • Integrate pipeline management functions into proposal and order processes.
  • Monitor active proposals and orders by account to stay on top of opportunities.
  • Keep traffic data clean by only adding and managing prospect accounts in REV.

Proposal and order management

Quickly convert proposals to orders, send them for approval and then execute them in most TV and radio traffic systems, including non-Marketron platforms, with a simple web-based user interface.

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  • Drive efficiencies with an optimizer that automatically places spots based on cost efficiency or even placement settings (get more spots for less or get premium spots with higher rates).
  • Set floor and ceiling rate controls and discount tolerances by salesperson to save managers time during the approval process.
  • Duplicate orders quickly with templates.


Maximize revenue using the power of advanced algorithms and historical data to automatically set spot prices based on current fill rates, timelines and other key factors.

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Dynamic Pricing
  • Use 35+ pre-built rate curves, accommodating for every situation a station needs.
  • Set rate curves, floors and ceiling rates for every 30-minute time block.
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets; dynamic pricing is incorporated directly into the order workflow.
  • Access Nielsen and Numeris ratings data in REV.

Management and performance insights

Forecast and view impactful reports with real-time sales and campaign performance details.

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  • Gain visibility into pipeline, committed orders, top sellers, and how stations are performing against targets.
  • Conduct post analysis in the same system sellers use to create proposals and orders.
  • Monitor seller and campaign performance in one spot.
  • Export to CSV files easily for additional analysis and manipulation.

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