Safe, Reliable Cloud Services Powering your Media Software

With Marketron Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, we give you access to world-class infrastructure, enterprise databases, networking, security and system maintenance.


Focus on your core business

Our cloud-based solutions provide quick and easy access to the applications and infrastructure you need to run your critical business operations. Our IT professionals ensure the day-to-day management and system maintenance of your Marketron solutions, freeing you up to do what you do best—focus on your core business.

Leverage the media industry’s leading business management products without investing in costly IT infrastructure and resources to run your Marketron solutions. We’re the top of the line, and we’re vetted: Marketron SaaS is SAS-70 certified by independent auditors.

Time to market

Get there faster by relying on our experts to design, build and run your Marketron solutions.

Remote access

You can tap Marketron from any computer or laptop with an Internet connection. There’s no need to invest in networking equipment or application servers, and there’s no time-consuming set-up.

Easy centralization

Our enterprise-class servers, databases and networking equipment are robust and reliable, and we give you room to grow. Why invest in, train for and maintain costly IT infrastructure to connect your stations? Leave it to us. All you need is an Internet connection and a free Citrix client.


Thanks to economies of scale, we offer pricing options that every station can afford. Our clients also save on server hardware, database software, networking equipment and services and IT consulting fees.


Adding users and stations is easy. You only pay for what you need.


Our track record rocks. Marketron has maintained 99.9+ percent uptime (excluding scheduled maintenance) since the launch of Marketron Hosting in 2000. Multiple redundancies ensure no single point of failure. And because your team can work anywhere, anytime, Marketron lets you sidestep costly disruptions due to local events and conditions.

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