Interactive Solutions


Flexibility. Control. Empowerment.

We help our clients build profitable interactive businesses with the best engagement platform in the industry, first-class sales support, and superior analytics.


Basestation® is more than a content management system. We provide an enterprise level suite of easy-to-use tools designed to engage your audience while managing content with operational efficiency. Discover the power of merging great content with great relationship management.



Gain a better understanding of who’s participating and how they’re interacting with your brand to reward your most loyal fans. Level the playing field by providing highly targetable and measurable advertising programs. Target messaging to specific groups of like-minded individuals based on past behaviors and respond immediately utilizing real-time campaign analytics.



We focus on strategy first, offering the Executive Management team assessment and recommendations that serve your brand’s specific needs and objectives. We consult on organizational structure, financial goals, and all aspects of building and cultivating a profitable interactive business. We also provide training and coaching to digital personnel to maximize ratings and digital revenue.


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Mobile Marketing Solutions


Location-based mobile advertising (LBA) uses native GPS-targeting technology to pinpoint the exact consumer location at any given time. Our solution enables our partners to serve location-specific mobile advertisement to the right person at the right place and time to drive in-store traffic and sales.

Create SMS texting campaigns in seconds with the Marketron Mobile Platform. Texting is a major form of convenient communication today and these programs have been proven to drive significant audience engagement, increase traffic and result in sales.