Programmatic digital ad sales require hundreds of steps, multiple technologies and personnel to sell, set-up, and manage. Partnering with the leader in integrated digital advertising platform, Pitch by Marketron provides a tremendous opportunity for media companies to capture and expand digital ad dollars with enhanced product delivery, custom proposals, and comprehensive reporting.
Our Revolutionary End-to-End Platform integrates all these technologies and processes:

Why Choose Pitch by Marketron?
Marketron is focused on the Media industry and we will continue to drive rapid innovation and customization for partners with a rich product roadmap specific to your industry.
Integrated Product Offerings 
Pitch by Marketron integrates with our Enhanced Display, GeoVideo, GeoFencing, GeoRetargeting, FootTraffic Attribution, Radio (Tapscan Web File Integration), and TV (Strata integration)
Operational Effciencies
Increase effciencies for proposals, launching, managing, and reporting. Eliminate human error by automating the workflow process from Order > IO > Live.


  • Custom Editable Branded Proposals.
  • Drag & Drop TapScan Integration Creating Visual Radio Schedules.
  • Custom Schedule Building Tools. 
  • Result in increased close rates and revenue.

Download Sample Proposal

Local Scale

Support small advertiser with limited budgets. 

Site Transparency

From proposal to reporting, view where ads are placed. 
Reach & Frequency
Data enables optimal campaign planning, delivery, and optimization. 
Interest Engine
Leverage data to develop and deliver on campaign set-up and performance. 
Provide customized rich media ad units with zero detection of templates. Free with 100,000 impressions in 3 months.
Enable performance analytics for Lift, O&O, and Audience Extension. 
Full delivery of campaigns against advertiser IO’s. 
Comprehensive view of advertisers marketing initiatives: Display, Mobile, Geo-Fencing, Retargeting, Video with permission-based 24/7 reporting access.
Screenshot Verification
Automated campaign screenshots to verify ad placements.
Measure the effectiveness of your ad.
In-Market Sales Support & Training
Easy on-boarding and training of new AE’s and products.
Want to see Pitch by Marketron in action? Watch our webinar below.