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Increase your station’s digital revenue by 5x this year by partnering with the leading integrated digital advertising platform.

Selling integrated ad campaigns requires numerous steps, multiple technologies and personnel to sell, set-up, and manage. Pitch by Marketron provides a tremendous opportunity for media companies to capture and expand traditional and digital ad dollars with enhanced product delivery, custom proposals, and comprehensive reporting.

Our Revolutionary End-to-End Platform integrates all these technologies and processes:

Marketron is focused on the Media industry and we will continue to drive rapid innovation and customization for partners with a rich product roadmap specific to your industry.
Integrated Product Offerings 
Pitch by Marketron integrates with our:
  • Targeted Display
  • GeoVideo
  • GeoFencing
  • GeoRetargeting
  • FootTraffic Attribution
  • Radio (Tapscan Web File Integration)
  • TV (Strata integration)

Operational Efficiencies
Increase efficiencies for proposals, launching, managing, and reporting. Eliminate human error by automating the workflow process from:


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Local Scale
Support small advertiser with limited budgets.  

Reach & Frequency
Data enables optimal campaign planning, delivery, and optimization.  

Interest Engine
Leverage data to develop and deliver on campaign set-up and performance. 

Demographic Data
Specify the areas you want to target.

Enable performance analytics for Lift, O&O, and Audience Extension. 


Full delivery of campaigns against advertiser IO’s. 

In-Market Sales Support 
and Training

Easy on-boarding and training of new AE’s and products. 

Provide customized HTML5 rich media ad units with zero detection of templates. 

Marketing Reporting and Insights Dashboards

Pitch by Marketron provides the most comprehensive and transparent reporting tool available in the digital business for its Media partners. Tap into our Dashboards to save time, increase advertiser confidence, improve retention, campaign performance, and overall station revenue.

Create custom data visualization to make data easier to consume and analyze.

View the site and apps where every single ad was placed.

View performance and delivery by creative.

Measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign in driving web traffic.

GeoFencing Delivery
View where your geofencing impressions, clicks, and retargeting impressions physically happened.


Screenshot Verification
Want proof of your ad delivery?  We provide screenshots of the ads delivered including site, time and placement.

Foot Traffic Attribution
Show your advertisers that your ad campaign drove customers to their physical location.  It’s best in class, no murky ‘conversion zones’ and funny math to trick your clients, all backed by Cuebiq.  
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White Label Branding
Your brands means a lot to you and your partners.  Increase your client retention by making your clients accustomed to stellar reports.