Programmatic digital ad sales require hundreds of steps, multiple technologies and personnel to sell, set-up, and manage. Partnering with the leader in integrated digital advertising platform, Pitch by Marketron provides a tremendous opportunity for media companies to capture and expand digital ad dollars with enhanced product delivery, custom proposals, and comprehensive reporting.
Our Revolutionary End-to-End Platform integrates all these technologies and processes:

Marketron is focused on the Media industry and we will continue to drive rapid innovation and customization for partners with a rich product roadmap specific to your industry.
Integrated Product Offerings 
Pitch by Marketron integrates with our:
  • Enhanced Display
  • GeoVideo
  • GeoFencing
  • GeoRetargeting
  • FootTraffic Attribution
  • Radio (Tapscan Web File Integration)
  • TV (Strata integration)

Operational Efficiencies
Increase efficiencies for proposals, launching, managing, and reporting. Eliminate human error by automating the workflow process from:



  • Custom Editable Branded Proposals.
  • Drag & Drop TapScan Integration Creating Visual Radio Schedules.
  • Custom Schedule Building Tools. 
  • Result in increased close rates and revenue.

Download Sample Proposal

Local Scale

Support small advertiser with limited budgets. 

Site Transparency
From proposal to reporting, view where ads are placed.  

Reach & Frequency
Data enables optimal campaign planning, delivery, and optimization.  

Interest Engine
Leverage data to develop and deliver on campaign set-up and performance. 

Provide customized rich media ad units with zero detection of templates. 

Enable performance analytics for Lift, O&O, and Audience Extension.  



Full delivery of campaigns against advertiser IO’s. 

Comprehensive view of advertisers marketing initiatives: Display, Mobile, Geo-Fencing, Retargeting, Video with permission-based 24/7 reporting access. 

Screenshot Verification
Automated campaign screenshots to verify ad placements. 

Measure the effectiveness of your ad.

In-Market Sales Support & Training
Easy on-boarding and training of new AE’s and products. 

Want to see Pitch by Marketron in action? Watch our webinar below.