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The First End-to-End Streaming Advertising Solution

Mediascape Streaming harnesses the power of the cloud to automate your
streaming advertising campaigns from a single, easy to use solution.

With Mediascape Streaming, cross-media and multi-inventory campaigns are created, propagated, and billed from one seamless solution. It is a streaming advertising service offering media outlet zone configuration, campaign fulfillment entry, ad injection, campaign performance statistics reporting, and invoicing capabilities. 


Lifecycle Campaign Management

With Mediascape Streaming, campaigns are created, propagated and billed from one seamless management tool.

Streamlined Invoicing & Billing

Fully customizable, Mediascape Streaming offers flexible and automated invoicing and billing options. 

Integrated Cross-Media Reporting

The Mediascape open platform’s reporting tools enable users to access all reporting in one place – including integrated reporting across all media types. 

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Managing your streaming advertising from one Marketron-powered access point you are able to centralize your business through a single web-based login.