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Streamline Payment Processing with Automatic A/R Integration from any Third Party Payment Source. 

Marketron’s new Payments service enables payments made by advertisers and agencies through any third party payment processor, such as lockboxes, banks and credit cards to be automatically imported into Marketron A/R. Simply select the payments you wish to import, and they will in turn be directly applied to the appropriate invoices or contracts in the A/R system. This eliminates the time consuming process of manually entering and applying individual third party payments and creates a more efficient overall workflow. 



Streamlined Process

Automatically importing third party payments streamlines the entire A/R process allowing for a much more efficient system. 

Reduction in Errors

The opportunity for human error is greatly reduced by eliminating the manual process of entering and applying individual payments. 

Time Savings

What may have taken hours a week can now be accomplished with just a few clicks, freeing up valuable time to focus on other revenue generating tasks.