Arby’s March Money Madness

Advertiser product launch campaign


  • To promote the re-launch of the original classic roast beef sandwich among adults and to grow Arby’s text-alert database


  • A promotion called March Money Madness, which played on the popular March Madness theme. Listeners were encouraged to text a keyword to Arby’s for the chance to win $1,000. Texters received a bounce-back inviting them to join the text-alert club to receive future special offers. In order to get the keyword, listeners were instructed to visit Arby’s and purchase a classic roast beef sandwich (a disclaimer stated that no purchase was necessary)
  • Listeners could also visit the station’s website for more info on the promotion
  • Vinyl stand-ups were placed in-store at participating Arby’s locations to promote the program as well

Call to Action

  • “Get into Arby’s, get the keyword and text it to 27297 by midnight on Friday for your chance at $1,000 every week in March. New winner each week. It’s March Money Madness at Arby’s!”

Measurement of Success

  • Arby’s was pleased that nearly 2,000 new subscribers joined their text-alert
    database during the four-week promotion