mobile messaging

Case Study

BMW MMS Hyper-Targeting

Advertiser product push campaign


  • To promote a winter tires initiative by reminding customers that better tread in the snow was a necessity, not a luxury

Call to Action

  • Instead of sending a vague, anonymous, mass-mailed print advertisement, BMW personalized a mobile message to each customer depending on the specifications of their owned car
  • Each message included a link to BMW’s website where customers could discover alternate tires, compare prices and view different styles for their vehicle
  • BMW supplemented this MMS content with a mobile app that customers could download to further their experience Interestingly, the BMW marketing team decided to optimize content for only 20% of cell phone types. The campaign focused on delivery to the high-end smartphone market, rather than attempting to support every single phone type

Measurement of Success

  • 1,200 messages sent with a 30% conversion rate and $45MM in revenue
  • Cost $60,000

Key Takeaways

  • BMW displays how to use multiple engagement channels, including SMS, MMS, Mobile Web and Mobile Apps to create targeted customer outreach. By delivering a message according to a customer’s specific BMW model, as well as following up with numerous access points for personalized customer interaction, the campaign generated a high ROI
  • On the other hand, disregarding a portion of the market was unnecessary. Any customers without MMS/app-enabled phones should receive a text message with a link to where they could learn more about the promotion. By implementing SMS, given its ubiquity and correspondingly low cost, BMW could have increased conversion rate with minimal additional investment


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