Harley-Davidson Dealership

Advertiser mobile club campaign


  • To maintain its visibility with current customers and add new customers and revenue through a holiday promotion


  • They ran a promotion for the 12 Days of Christmas where Harley-Davidson’s mobile club members received daily alerts offering a 20% discount on a different product for each of the 12 days preceding Christmas
  • Prior to this campaign, the dealership used their mobile club to increase customer awareness of the merchandise inventory and draw more customers into the store through events and promotions

Call to Action

  • Harley-Davidson mobile club membership promotions appeared on social media, targeting previous customers of the dealership
  • In-store promotions were also present
  • Consumers subscribed to texts with the keyword RT66 to 55678 to be the first to know about Harley product news and announcements regarding events and promotions

Measurement of Success

  • While the campaign was live, the dealership saw a 250% increase in in-store traffic and a 16% increase in leather jacket sales over the previous week
  • On Helmet Day alone, the number of helmets sold with the 20% discount equaled the number sold for the entire previous week

Harley Davison