Igniting the
Revenue Spark
for Local Media

Local media companies have opportunities to light up their revenue by implementing the right technology and strategies. It starts with a connected revenue ecosystem that unites traffic, payments and third-party digital.

While at NAB, you’re gathering insights and ideas on how to propel profits forward. Our solutions give you the fire you need to protect and grow your revenue.


Industry-Leading Traffic Solutions

  • Three solutions to align with any station
  • Easy access to your data
  • Flexibility and agility to evolve with the industry
  • End-to-end systems that streamline the entire life cycle
  • Smart radio tools that enable automation and customization

PayNow Electronic Invoicing and Payments

  • Integrated payments solution
  • Transparent pricing
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cash flow improvements and decreased days outstanding
  • Key features: guest checkout, pre-payments, next-day funding and advanced security
Marketron NXT

Marketron NXT: Third-Party Digital Built for Radio

  • Digital + radio: proposals, orders, reporting and invoicing
  • Simple metrics with 100% reporting transparency
  • Built-in business intelligence and COGS reporting
  • Streamlined onboarding with ongoing education and training
  • Strategic account managers with on-demand guidance

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