AE Order Entry

Empower your sales staff with system efficiencies.

400-Day Boardfile

Facilitates accurate and detailed inventory management for over a year into the future.

Advanced Scheduler

Revolutionary algorithm customizable to your station’s specific scheduling criteria.

Automation Manager

Build a bridge between your automation system, enabling automatic reconciliation.

Inventory Maximization

Expand your station’s potential to increase revenue by optimizing inventory placement.


Access real-time data in flexible and personalized reporting solutions.

Web-Accessible Deployment

Marketron’s quick and easy solution for your hosting needs.

Expanded Disaster Recovery Service

Protect your business in case of an unexpected event.

Marketron Traffic Essentials

Drives revenue through increased efficiencies, offering clear and concise understanding of your business operations by helping you with key decisions on how to price and manage remaining inventory.

Marketron Traffic Essentials Includes

MSP Accounts
Manage your accounts and critical business data for your entire organization from a single, web-based portal.

Orders 360
Orders 360

Manage the entire multi-media campaign in one place and deliver one multi-media campaign invoice.

Digital Connectors
Triton Tap and Google Ad Manager.

Proof of Performance

Automate spot time delivery to your advertisers and agencies.

Network Connect

Fully automate the process of receiving network orders, revisions and affidavits.

Electronic Orders & Invoicing

Automate the order entry process and send electronic invoices automatically.


Enable acceptance of online electronic payments using credit cards and ACH.


Streamline payment processing with automatic A/R integration from any third party payment source.

Ecosystem Connectors

Connectors to automation, CRM and other ecosystem partners.

20 User Licenses

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