GeoVideo Ad

The $4 billion opportunity

"Mobile video ad spend is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to larger audiences of video viewers and growing time spent on smartphones and tablets"


Expanded reach

Reach highly engaged content viewers. Expand reach by complementing TV and desktop video advertising campaigns with mobile.

Full screen, full attention

Deliver highly viewable mobile video ads with full screen executions. Command 100% of screen real estate on a vast majority of mobile web and in-app inventory.

Drive lift

Drive up to a 3x lift in viewer engagement than other ad formats.

Supported formats

Geovideo supports Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll, in-stream video, companion banners, rich media, the ability to host creative directly and support 3rd party tags.


Hyperlocal targeting

Serve ads to consumers in close proximity to a location.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting via third-party data is more robust than TV.

Contextual targeting

Retargeting based on actual locations visited.

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