Radio's Digital Transformation Series

Empowering Radio Stations to Grow Their Digital Advertising Revenue

A six-part webinar and blog series designed to help radio stations looking to grow their digital operations.  From concept to execution, we walk you through transforming your sales and business operations to incorporate digital ad tactics into your advertising portfolio.

Part 1: Develop a Vision and Prepare for Change

Join Marketron CEO, Jim Howard and Member of the Board, Drew Horowitz as they discuss the challenges facing broadcast organizations and the keys to meeting these with the incorporation of digital into your business portfolio.

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Part 2: Designing Your Digital Product Suite

Increasing advertising revenue with third-party digital advertising requires a successful digital product launch and a solid business strategy. In this webinar, we walk through how to evaluate your owned & operated inventory, selecting third-party digital vendors and how to determine creative execution and back office systems to successfully deploy your new products.

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Part 3: The Importance of Workflow and Processes

Transforming your radio group to sell third-party digital advertising will only be effective if the elements you put in place are effective and sustainable. In this session, you’ll learn what components to consider when defining your new workflow and processes to be successful.

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Part 4: Creating Your Digital Organizational Structure

A clear path on how your organizational structure will evolve with the growth of digital is crucial to keeping your team collaborative and setting them up for future change initiatives. In this webinar, you will learn about assigning digital responsibilities, integrating digital into existing roles, reimagining sales expectations, hiring digital expertise and revising organizational structures to support your new business models.

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Part 5: Launch Your Digital Game Plan

You’re ready to launch your third-party digital products. What now? In this session, we cover how to create a memorable launch event, discuss how to keep training a priority and ways to roll out incentives that drive results.

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Part 6: Tracking Performance and Removing Roadblocks

Now that your plan is in motion, it is critical to integrate performance measures and remove any roadblocks that arise. This webinar will review how to add digital to scorecards, the importance of making performance visible and how to hold employees accountable in the new environment.

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Digital Transformation Playbook

A play-by-play guide for broadcasters to grow digital advertising revenue

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