Move to the Cloud an Integral Next Step for Marketron to More Rapidly Bring Greater Efficiency and Innovation to Mid-Sized Broadcasters

HAILEY, ID, August 28, 2018
– Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services for broadcasters, today announces that, for the first time, Marketron’s Visual Traffic will be available as a cloud-based platform. The new cloud- based platform eliminates the need for broadcasters to maintain costly servers, allows permission-based user access from anywhere there is an internet connection and provides instant access to new innovations and enhancements the minute they become available.

Visual Traffic is the most widely deployed radio traffic system in the US, powering more than 25% of stations. A complete traffic and billing platform for mid-sized broadcasters, Visual Traffic offers several time-saving electronic services – Electronic Orders and Invoices, Network Connect, Proof of Performance and Pay Now – all of which will also be available with the new cloud-based offering.

“In addition to providing clients a more cost-effective and flexible product, moving Visual Traffic to the cloud will allow Marketron to significantly increase the amount of innovation and enhancements we can bring to our clients, providing them more opportunities to grow their businesses,” says Michael Collins, Marketron’s CEO. He added, “With this offering, all three of Marketron’s revenue management solutions –Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic and Radio Traffic – are available in the cloud serving up the latest and most powerful revenue management solutions.”

Both the new cloud-based and the existing self-hosted version of Visual Traffic will be offered to existing and new Visual Traffic customers. For those Visual Traffic clients who use the time saving Extended Order Manager service that allows sales representatives to enter orders directly into the system, the cloud-based platform will enhance that capability by giving salesforces access to the system while in the field.

Clients accessing Visual Traffic in the cloud are enjoying the operational freedoms the new platform allows.

“Our company recently acquired an additional property in a nearby market. The ability to put our VT software in the cloud allowed us to seamlessly share reports, produce traffic logs, enter contracts, and update A/R from either location without having to go through a troublesome update process. VT in the cloud has been a very beneficial and efficient upgrade for LBI,” says Jeremy E. Jeffcoat, General Manager at Lake Broadcasting.

Moving Visual Traffic to the cloud is one of many exciting innovations coming from Marketron since partnering with Diversis Capital in December 2017. “Partnering with Diversis has allowed Marketron to invest in developing the new capabilities our clients require to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace,” says Collins.

About Marketron

Marketron is the leading provider of business software solutions and services for broadcasters, offering revenue management, revenue generation and an array of digital audience engagement solutions. With more than 7,000 media organizations served globally, Marketron manages an estimated $15 billion in annual advertising revenue. Headquartered in Hailey, Idaho with offices in New York, Colorado, Alabama, and Canada, Marketron is owned by Diversis Capital.


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