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Marketron Digital Hits Milestone with $400 Million in Local Media Digital Advertising Sales

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HAILEY, Idaho — April 12, 2024 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for managing and growing revenue, announced a digital advertising milestone today. Marketron’s third-party digital advertising technology has now processed over $400 million in local digital advertising revenue since the company debuted these capabilities in 2020.

The built-for-radio digital platform, Marketron NXT, is the only one of its kind and has become a key component for local media advertising sales. The award-winning platform delivers workflows and functionality designed to enable local media sellers. Ensuring and supporting the success of its customers has been the driving force behind the innovation of Marketron’s third-party digital solutions.

A key differentiator for NXT is its integration with traffic systems. This functionality allows for digital and airtime campaigns in one proposal, allowing a salesperson to produce a customer-facing proposal in minutes. This proposal converts to an order and goes to the traffic system and demand-side platforms (DSPs) for execution. Performance reporting filters into a consolidated report, and billing can occur in the same traffic system that is used for the airtime billing, resulting in one invoice. It’s the end-to-end workflow with the traffic integration, so customers don’t have to double-enter their information for orders, billing or any other related data.

An intuitive user interface, portfolio of tactics, advanced targeting features and transparent reporting also make the drive to grow digital sales achievable and sustainable.

On hitting this momentous achievement, Jimshade Chaudhari said, “It’s a testament to our commitment to help radio (or broadcast) customers grow their revenue. Digital advertising now accounts for 21% of radio station revenue, and it’s growing. Local media companies can compete with anyone and earn those digital dollars with our product and services. We’re proud to be part of their growth trajectory, ensuring they are contenders for any advertiser’s digital business.”

Hitting this significant milestone within the local media industry is also the result of the onboarding, services and resources that Marketron’s customers can access. New stations beginning their third-party digital journey receive comprehensive training for a seamless implementation. Then, users may enroll in the newly revamped NXT Training Academy, where sales professionals can learn about tactics and increase their digital knowledge. In addition, customers can explore a library of resources through the Marketron Learning Center, receive white-label sales sheets and access award-winning sales enablement content. Rounding out this full-service approach to third-party digital sales is on-demand strategic support from Marketron’s digital experts.

This total package of innovative technology and support services empowers local media sellers to grow their year-over-year digital revenue. In fact, internal data reveals that Marketron digital customers increase their sales activity by an average of 20% and order volume by 76%. Additionally, they average a 37% close rate, beating the industry benchmark of 20%.

Todd Kalman, SVP of sales and head of revenue, celebrated the achievement with these remarks: “Digital advertising is an essential product line for radio stations. Providing them with the best technology, training, coaching and solutions ensures they can thrive in today’s local media environment. We’ve witnessed hundreds of stations launch digital with our products and quickly win the business of local advertisers. It’s effective, scalable and simple.”

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