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New Marketron Integration Suite Enables Greater Efficiency, Agility, and Innovation Through Cross-Platform Data Sharing

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HAILEY, IdahoNov. 9, 2021 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue, today announced the launch of the Marketron Integration Suite, which leverages open APIs, connectors, and custom integrations to give Marketron customers the ability to consolidate disparate data sources — including linear, O&O, and third-party digital advertising systems — into a single ecosystem. In doing so, the Marketron Integration Suite helps users to reduce bottlenecks, realize greater visibility, and drive increased revenue.

The Marketron Integration Suite consists of three offerings: open APIs, connectors, and custom integrations:

  • Open APIs within the suite enable customers to access their data on their own.
  • Connectors serve as prebuilt integrations into top business platforms many media organizations already use today, such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. With these prebuilt connectors, Marketron takes care of setup, management, and maintenance.
  • Customers with unique business and technical requirements can take advantage of custom integrations, collaborating with Marketron’s data architects to strategize solutions that address their specific objectives.

“The Marketron Integration Suite enables our customers to save time by automating daily tasks, bringing digital and linear orders into one system and accessing better reports all while building a best-in-breed technology stack,” said Jimshade Chaudhari, senior vice president of product development at Marketron. “The ability for customers to use their data wherever they want, within our ecosystem and beyond, is invaluable in enabling more efficient, agile, and informed operations.”

With convenient access to APIs, connectors, and custom integrations, Marketron customers can leverage process and data automation more broadly for greater efficiency across their business. By merging data sources into a central location, visibility is improved, which drives innovation and new business outcomes. Regardless of the path customers choose, the Marketron Integration Suite gives them the freedom to optimize their operations and the ability to scale or pivot to accommodate a new business direction. If customers don’t have their own developers, Marketron’s professional services team can handle setup and management, while they focus on taking the fullest advantage of these integration solutions.

“Data is transformational, and our clients succeed when their data is accessible and available across all the platforms they use. The Marketron Integration Suite makes this a reality, and data integration will continue to be a core focus of Marketron solutions moving forward,” added Chaudhari.

More information about Marketron and the company’s products is available at

Marketron Integration Suite

Marketron Integration Suite


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